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    The Mirror Has Two Faces

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    Gregory Larkin is a Mathematics teacher at Columbia University, who, after failed relationships, posted an ad on a newspaper, hoping to meet someone whom he could settle with based on intellect and not on physical attraction. He got interested in one particular letter from an English literature professor, Rose Morgan, also at Columbia University.  He found out later, though, that it was Rose’s sister who mailed letter because she was sure Rose wouldn’t answer the ad herself.

    Gregory visited Rose in one of her classes and was impressed by her teaching. He got interested with her objective point of view about love but did not stay long enough to hear that Rose actually believes in love and romance. He gave her a call and Rose was overwhelmed to find out how good looking he was. She made so much fuss when he asked her out and preferred to ignore his renounce of sex and physical relationship and continued to date him. They soon found themselves having fun with each other. Rose started to get attracted to Gregory while Gregory felt more and more comfortable being with Rose.

    Eventually, Gregory proposed marriage to Rose, but not before he told him about the advertisement he posted and how her sister, Claire, answered the ad and sent Rose’s picture. Rose didn’t mind because after all, it was she whom Gregory chose. So, regardless of Gregory’s unorthodox view on sex and relationships and her mother, Hannah’s skepticism about the whole thing, Rose agreed to marry Gregory and they lived together based on compatibility and genuine friendship.

    Gregory, though unconsciously starting to get physically attracted to his wife wanted everything to stay the way it was. Rose, however, found it difficult to keep her end of the bargain and started to feel physical longing for her husband. So, one night, keeping in mind Gregory’s promise to provide her with sex when she needs it, she tried to seduce Gregory. Everything went out badly and Rose felt embarrassed, unloved and unwanted. She left, knowing that Gregory will be on a lecture tour for a while.

    While Gregory was away, Rose devoted her time to self-improvement by losing weight and learning how to fix her hair and apply make-up. So, when Gregory came back, he was surprised to find a completely different Rose from the one he left. Rose was hurt to find out that Gregory didn’t want her new look either. She moved out of the house and away from Gregory.

    Gregory admitted to himself that he was already physically attracted to his wife and wanted her back. He felt jealous when he learned that Rose went out with Alex and rushed to her apartment to express his genuine affection. He yelled out to Rose and admitted his love for her and Rose, thrilled by the romance of the situation came down and  they ended up into each other’s arms.

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