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Memories of Holy Weeks Past

Going home in the province during the Holy Week brought back memories of Holy Weeks past.

When I was in high school, I was active in the Catholic church as I was studying in a Catholic school. I remember joining church activities, as, being a member of the choir, I was able to go to various places in our town to perform mass around.

I remember leading the rosary, joining numerous processions and listening to senakulo or the reading of the Passion of Christ which usually starts at Lunes Santo or the Monday after the Palm Sunday. What makes the Holy Week memorable to me was the many times romance began during this season. I remember being accompanied home by a suitor after each activity that I joined.

Well, those were the days…

When Waiting Gets Too Long


My husband is supposed to take a vacation on November last year. Needless to say, he isn’t here yet. My friends have always lauded me for being a remarkably patient person, but when the waiting gets too long, it becomes unbearable even for me. I’ve been becoming more and more cranky and grumpy lately.

Now, everyday, I pray to God to grant me more patience, to learn to wait in silence and anticipate for our reunion. I know it wouldn’t be easy for me, but with the Lord’s grace, I will get through it and be in my best when the big day finally arrives.

How Common is Miscommunication?


According to love veterans, one of the most common reasons why relationships don’t work out is miscommunication. Couples don’t talk the way they should. Apparently, women usually don’t say what they mean and they don’t mean what they say. They say something when they actually mean another. They usually assume that the guys know, or rather guys should know. Whoever gave them the idea to assume that guys know what they want, well.. I don’t know.

As for guys, most of them hate, and consequently, avoid confrontation. They would rather give in to the girls’ whims than to explain things they think they don’t need to and end up feeling miserable, example of which is accompanying the girls when shopping. Moreover, they would rather keep something hidden than to go through the complicated task of explaining to the girls, example would be talking with an ex even when the meeting was accidental.

Going back to the girls, the problems with them sometimes is that they don’t believe the guys. They want to desperately, but for some reasons they usually end up not believing them anyway. And for the the boys, they believe everything. So, when the girls say ‘I’m fine’ they are ok with that. After all, that’s what the girls say and they can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t believe them.

Well, in this case, I would say it’s not miscommunication, it’s failing to acknowledge the nature of the opposite sex :D


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Red Hot Bead Sling Bag


red hot

This one is surely hot! I made this using size 6 round red chalk beads, or at least that’s what they told me at the store where I bought the materials, that they were chalk beads, I can say, though, that they are plastic beads and unlike the ones I used to use, they aren’t transparent and therefore aren’t shiny and twinkly.

Anyway, this bag is a really hot item and it got many LIKEs from Facebook.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Movie


How to Lose Image Source: Wikipedia

The first time I watched it, I didn’t finish it. Then, I forgot all about it. Last week, I finally got the chance to sit down long enough to finish it and I did.

Well, though it wasn’t funny funny, it made me smile, really. But I agreed to some of it, I mean, how girls often push away guys especially by being clingy. I also like the part when Andie put some women stuff in the bathroom closet and all over Ben’s apartment.

Then, there’s the part when Andie baby-talked. It was a real turn-off, right? It suddenly made me ask, does anybody really do that? Baby talk her boyfriend?

And my favorite part, Ben took Andie to meet his family. That was romantic. In person, though, it is kind of scary. For me, at least. The first time I met my husband’s family, I was terrified. I don’t know, and I probably wouldn’t understand why that part is terrifying. What are we really afraid of? That the guy’s family wouldn’t approve of us?

I think for me, it was more of I was afraid of embarrassing myself by saying and doing the wrong thing. Too selfish maybe, but yes, that’s what I was afraid of, because I do believe that when somebody likes you, he/she likes you no matter what but when somebody dislikes you, there isn’t a thing you can do to make him/her feel otherwise.

Going back to the movie, I could say, I like it, generally, but not as much as I like The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle and The Mirror Has Two Faces..

Will Love Keep Them Alive?


Rose* is only 26 years old. I assume she was very young when she got married to my cousin Bert* because her eldest daughter is of the same age as my daughter, Mika. Her husband doesn’t have a stable job and Rose gave birth to their  youngest child, a boy, about 3 years ago. They already had 4 kids.

Late last week, I met with Rose. I found out that she was pregnant, again, to their 5th child. I was.. stunned. With my cousin jobless and Rose stay-at-home mom, how are they going to feed their 4 kids plus a baby? Obviously, they weren’t as worried as I was otherwise, Rose wouldn’t be pregnant right now.

Or maybe I was just overreacting. Maybe since I settled for just 3 kids I thought that other couples should do the same. Then, I asked Rose about her husband and she said he’s just the same which, I assume, means he still doesn’t have a stable job and he just drives a pedicab when someone lends him one. How often that happens, I have no idea.

I don’t judge them, nor discriminate them. I’m probably just an obsessive worry wart who thinks too much. But sometimes I wish they would think, too, not necessarily for themselves but for the future of their children.

*not real names


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Hubby’s Cross Stitch Portrait


Ronel's Portrait Cross Stitch

If you have liked my cross stitch portrait, then, you would probably like this one as well. This is my husband’s cross stitch portrait I made last year.

I’ve been waiting for my husband to come home and frame it. Sadly, though, his vacation hasn’t been approved yet. Well, it’s alright. This portrait is not going anywhere, lol! :D

Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts


Tempting Fate Image Source: Hachete UK

When Serena Mc Gregor’s brother, Caine met her husband Justin’s sister Diana, Caine found her cold and calculating.

So unlike Justin, but very much like him in a lot of ways. Caine had known Justin even before Justin and Serena accidentally met in a luxury cruise which changed both their lives, and it has been difficult for Caine to associate Justin with the cold, refined lady that was Justin’s sister.

After discovering the real story behind her benefactor, Diana decided to leave her aunt and start on her own two feet. But it would be easier with the help of the ladies’ man himself, Caine Mc Gregor.

The Real Victim in the Third Party Issue Part 3


Is it always the wife?

Generally, I should say, yes. No matter how much Ruben* tried to control his feelings and avoided Glenda* in every possible way, his wife, Lena, is the obvious victim. She may be the worst wife in the world, nagger, slothful, dumb and so on, she doesn’t deserve to be duped.

Lena is jealous. She checks on Ruben as often as possible. As soon as her husband arrives, she checks his cellphone and asks about every single text message he sent. She rants on Ruben when he arrives late even for just ten minutes. She checks Ruben’s uniform for any sign of lipstick or make-up or any indication that he’s been another woman. She spends all her time checking on Ruben that she barely notices they have three children to take care of. That one of her children couldn’t read yet despite the fact that the child is already in first grade.

When she is being eaten by jealousy, she would snap at her kids as if everything were their fault. She is so obsessed by the idea that Ruben is cheating on her that she ignores the mess around the house, totally oblivious of the soiled clothes scattered everywhere and the various toys that cluttered the floor.

Lena may not be the best wife in the world, but it doesn’t justify Ruben’s falling for someone else. It doesn’t matter either that Ruben didn’t intentionally fall in love with Glenda, he fell in love with her violating his marriage vows to Lena, he is AT FAULT. And Glenda, her feelings don’t mean anything nor do her intentions, she got involved with a married man. Period.

We usually judge at face value, basing our judgment on what we see and NEVER in what we don’t see. The real victims here?

I think we are. We are victims of our own prejudice. We spend meaningless moments mulling over something we know nothing about and something that are none of our business.

*not real names

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Circles and Floral Bead Sling Bags


I’m not much into flower-inspired designs. I’m more into stripes and simple white with black background. But just like other crafters I deviate from the usual and try something else for the sake of the craft. So, I made these:

Black with Yellow Sling bag This black nag with yellow circles is actually a copied design. Honestly, I don’t like the end result overly much but somehow somebody does and bought it. And guess what? Somebody else wanted one, too.. :D

Light Blue and White Sling bagThis one is my original design. It has been sitting in my working area for too long I wondered when somebody suddenly bought it, and, pretty unexpectedly, another one placed an order.

Oh well, I guess I really couldn’t tell what the customers want, huh?