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    I Might Try Rowatinex

    The first month of the new year is nearly over and I can say I’m happy as far as the resolutions I have on my list are concerned. Among the top priority are to save money and to live healthily. So, I stash a small amount of money every day. As for healthy living, I try to get 8 hours of sleep, drink a lot of water and eat healthful food  and avoid salty and fatty ones. I take my maintenance medicine religiously and I take supplement every single night. So far, my usual health problems are not making their presence felt. My blood pressure is stable and my urinary tract is working properly so I guess my kidneys are in good shape. I started having kidney problems in my junior year in high school and I was hospitalized due to kidney problem in college. Though I’ve been feeling well for the past several years I still consider trying rowatinex for kidney support. I’m no longer as young as I used to be and I think it will be a good idea to be very careful. After all , health is wealth.

    Wanna Try Boomwhackers

    As I mentioned several times before, I started to play the guitar when I was 13. Though I did not learn to play as well as my brother did, at least I can play a few songs. I tried the piano but since I didn’t have my own instrument I did not do very well with it.

    However, it was the singing that I really enjoyed. And being member of the school choir, I learned to handle other simple musical instruments like the tambourine and the guiro. Learning those instruments inspired me to try the harmonica on which I can play one song, a traditional Filipino folk song.

    When I went to college, I got more daring and tried the drums. It was fun. But it required lots of energy. I enjoyed it, but it was actually the jamming with friends that I enjoyed more.

    Now that I’m much older, I’m considering to try something else. If I have time, I would like to try the boomwhackers. I have no idea how it’s being played but I guess that’s the exciting part, I mean starting from zero.

    A Novel and a Movie


    As I assume my new status in life, that is mother-father-house help-tutor rolled in one, I’m somehow surprised how I’m still able to find some time to read and watch. Surely, since these are among my favorite things to do, instead of finding time to do them, I, myself, create time for them.

    So, that’s how I was able to finish The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene and the movie Blended starring two of my favorite Hollywood artists, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The former made me cry while the latter made me laugh.

    Well, when I’m able to create more time, I’ll be posting about them…

    On Christmas and Vintage Guitars

    Oh my gosh! Have you visited the malls lately? If you do, then you must have heard Christmas carols all around.

    Well, this might sound embarrassing, but I love carols, as a matter of fact I used to do caroling with my friends way back in high school and college. What more did we used to sing but the classic Christmas carols like O, Holy Night, Silent Night, Silver Bells and the Christmas Song accompanied by our beloved vintage guitar which was an heirloom even then.

    I’m sorry about that but I really can’t help reminiscing memories of Christmas past, after all, this joyous occasion is just around the corner and a few more sleeps and it’s Christmas once more..

    If We Could Transport That

    It’s the –ber months! And what does it signify? That Christmas is getting closer..

    In my excitement, I checked out some pictures of Christmas last year and came across my sister’s gift to my brother-in-law, an awesome kayak. Wow! If only we could simply come over and try it, right? But considering the distance, I think that is impossible.

    So, another option would be to ship that beautiful kayak over here. Why not? I checked out and I guess it can be done. Oh! Isn’t that wonderful? I’m not into fishing but I do believe getting on that kayak is a lot of fun.

    Lonesome but Hopeful

    This is the third time that my husband left. The first was in 2009, next was in 2011 and then now. Other people said being married to an overseas contract worker is difficult only at first, that I’ll get used to it eventually and that it’ll get easier in time. I greatly and desperately wish that ‘in time’ would come really soon.

    The night before my husband left was the hardest. There was a giant ball of fire lodged in my throat and I had difficulty breathing. I knew I had to be strong, if not for myself at least for my kids. But it was so difficult. I pray to God every minute to give me strength to bear it. I simply couldn’t break down, otherwise, my husband would feel even worse that he already did.

    The moment my husband was out of sight, I tried my hardest to act normal. I prepared my kids for school, but as soon as they were gone, I lay down and wept.

    After crying for hours, I picked myself up and got ready for another day. After all, what is another two years, right?

    Dating at Home


    When my husband wasn’t home yet, we were actually talking about what we should do to spend quality time together. We considered going out of town but it proved to be too expensive and exhausting. Then, we talked about going to the mall, eating out and watching a movie. But even that proved to be tiring. So, we settled for staying at home and watching Korean dramas while holding hands at the sofa.

    Among those that we watched already are: My Love from Another Star, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Faith, Master’s Sun, I Can Hear Your Voice and now we’re watching The Heirs. Well, is it obvious that I like Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho?

    Well, yes, I like them… a lot :D

    Cool Checkered Tablecloths

    A few months ago, a box arrived from my sister in Alabama. It’s a package we get every year and it’s one of the special things we look forward to. As usual, my kids got clothes. My son got some cool tees and pants and a nice pair of leather sandal. My daughters got trendy tops and sexy denim shorts, those types that my sister and I have wanted when we were young but that my parents couldn’t afford to buy for us. As for me, I got nice bed sheets with matching pillow cases and tablecloths, as requested. Yes, I am crazy over those stuff, making me feel more homey than I really am. So, my sister doesn’t need to ask what I want when she’s preparing our box, she already knows that I’d be extremely thankful for checkered tablecloths.

    Love of My Life

    Yes, he’s finally come. That explains also why I haven’t been able to update my blogs lately.

    It’s been a long time I almost forgot what it feels like to have someone beside me when I sleep at night and to wake up with a familiar face to greet you. Now I realized how difficult it has been for me. I haven’t noticed it, or maybe I simply refused to acknowledge how lonely and burdened I felt during our separation knowing I had no choice but to bear everything.

    Life is indeed beautiful. It is difficult, but that only makes it more worth living…

    Missing Our Pet Cat

    As I posted a couple of months ago, my daughter, Mika, was bitten by our beloved pet Cat, Pippa when she unknowingly rolled over the poor cat on the bed. Naturally, we went to the nearest clinic so Mika could have anti-rabies shots. After that, much as we love Pippa, we knew that we couldn’t keep her in the house any more, lest she bites any one of us again.

    By the beginning of the summer vacation, my kids and I left to spend summer in the province. I endorsed Pippa to my brother’s capable hands. As soon as we got back after a month, I noticed that our beloved cat was no longer around. I knew then that she was gone. I hated to admit it but I really miss her. Though sending her away means I no longer have to worry about prescription pet medications, it doesn’t ease the loneliness of losing someone I’ve considered family for 4 years. Wherever you are, Pippa, I hope you’re in good hands..